Our flagship report on game industry sustainability


  • Insights from Scope 1, 2, and 3 disclosures from over 30 major gaming businesses.
  • Compare and contrast with side-by-side visualizations and rankings based on GHG intensity, revenue intensity, and per-employee metrics.
  • Delve deep into company profiles featuring ESG data breakdowns, year-over-year emissions changes, announced sustainability initiatives, and TCFD risk disclosure analysis.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with climate disclosure legislation analysis, implementation timelines, and predictions on new compliance burdens for gaming businesses.

Who This Report Is For:
Games ESG professionals hungry for benchmarking and insights.
Businesses eager to compare environmental metrics against industry averages.
Investors seeking transparent and sustainable gaming ventures.
Researchers and government bodies committed to understanding the GHG impact of the gaming industry.

With every purchase, receive a complimentary 1-hour consultation with report author Dr. Benjamin Abraham. Tap into his expertise to discuss the implications of the report and receive personalized insights tailored to your needs.

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Workshops for game developers

GHG accounting essentials

The answer to 'where do i start?' for game developers who want to kick-start climate action.

In a session we take you through the essential elements of GHG emissions accounting, using the international standard GHG Protocol method. We will show you where and how to get accurate data, and provide you with the tools to calculate your CO2 emissions. Workshops can be run 1-on-1 or in groups, and are tailored to provide the most relevant content for your particular circumstance.

Attendees leave confident in their ability to apply the GHG protocol standard, in possession of the tools and knowledge for calculating emissions.


Draw on AfterClimate's years of experience to accelerate this first crucial step on the path to game industry sustainability.

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  • Gain the ability to calculate your studio's footprint for yourself

  • Suitable for all levels of GHG experience, tailored to your circumstances

  • Save time better spent working on your next game

GHG Inventory & analysis

Get the full story, see the bigger picture

If you're not content to stop at just the basics, or want a more hands-off approach, we can produce a full inventory of your entire business' emissions – even the hard to measure parts – and do it in a way that saves internal resources. This can cover upstream emissions from purchases goods and services, as well as downstream emissions from your end users.

We can also provide in-depth analysis of where your biggest impacts are, estimate costs and resources neede for projects and processes to reduce them, and for the most ambitious studios, work with you on creating achievable plans to submit to accrediting orgs like the Science-Based Targets Initiative to recognise your achievements.


Have us handle the numbers, and go beyond the basics to find out what it will take to achieve real Net Zero for your circumstance. Do what is truly necessary for both people and planet.

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  • Get the full picture of your emissions footprint and climate impact

  • A flexible approach that can be adjusted to fit budget constraints

  • Implement plans to achieve real science-based climate targets

Research and in-development emissions consulting

Get evidence-backed answers to unique sustainability challenges facing your studio and operations. Understand the most effective and cost-efficient pathways to decarbonisation for your game, team, or studio. Inform your design and production choices with the latest technical advice and methods for reducing emissions at thepre-production, development, and post-launch phase of game development.

We use the latest and most up-to-date data, forecasts and projections from around the world to give you a clear picture of where decarbonisation can be most effective in your business and what you are asking from industry partners and players with your products.

If you want to understand the full impact of your design and business decisions before you make them – then this could be right for you.

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What people are saying about us

"AfterClimate worked closely with Paper House to create a boutique solution tailored to our specific needs. The research done and report created, enabled us to get much needed insight into a difficult area of our businesses that we were unable to do ourselves."

Terry Burdak

Paper House, Melbourne

"Ben has a deep understanding of how video games impact the climate and is a tremendous source of knowledge of how to go about fixing it."

Nic Walker
SpaceApe Games

"Ben is an exemplary strategic thinker who has been leading the charge on how we as an industry and community need to define, establish, and measure carbon emissions reduction."

Paula Escuadra
Co-founder IGDA Climate SIG


Just like every game, every project is a little bit unique.
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GHG accounting essentials workshop

Run at your convenience, can be 1-on-1 or a team exercise. Hands on calculations using your data and examples.

Starting from $800 USD

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GHG Inventory & analysis

Save your studio time and effort, go hands-off and have AfterClimate sort our your annual carbon inventory and assist with reporting, decarbonization and long term ESG planning.  

Starting from $10,000 USD

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Research & development consulting

Suitable for longer term, sustained engagement, or one off projects answering particular sustainability questions. Get insight you can apply across your entire game development business
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