The Climate Impact of making Saltsea Chronicles
A first-of-its-kind analysis of the climate impacts from producing an indie game, Die Gute Fabrik's Saltsea Chronicles.
October 2023
The report looks at the climate impact of Die Gute Fabrik’s new game, Saltsea Chronicles, and attempts to figure out the CO2 emissions produced by the production process. Development ran from January 2020 until October 2023, and

The relative impact of Die Gute Fabrik's game was largely determined by the amount of air travel undertaken. Being a remote work studio, as well as the studio's four-day work week were both factors in reducing emissions.

Intended Audience
This report is useful for any game developer interested in better ways of making games in the context of the climate crisis. It provides readers with clear and practical tools for calculating CO2 emisisons and the climate impact of game development.

Features of the report

Total emissions by source category

Business travel emissions by trip type

Avoided emission through avoiding air travel

Benchmarking of DGF emissions against other indie game studios

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