GDC 2022: Making Room for Climate Justice
A talk delivered during GDC 2022, as part of the Independent Games Summit. Presenting research findings from the book Digital Games After Climate Change.
March 2022
A thirty-minute talk that offers practical advice on meaningful action all indie game studios and professionals can take right now in the context of the climate crisis. Benjamin Abraham, author of Digital Games After Climate Change offers a practical, research-based and solutions-focused talk on how we can do better for the climate as an industry. And what climate crisis might mean for the future of indie games production, and indie games themselves.

Attendees take away a clear, evidence-driven and practical solutions and means of better running small to mid-scale indie game studios and processes in the context of climate crisis, from a leading researcher and expert in the area of games in an era of climate change.

Intended Audience
This talk is for anyone interested in better ways of making games in the context of the climate crisis. It equiped attendees with clear and practical tools for making or advocating for useful change.
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