Digital Games After Climate Change
The first book length attempt to understand and quantify the emissions of the videogames industry.
The book presents the first sustained analysis of the digital game industry’s carbon footprint and its role in exacerbating global climate change. Identifying the ways videogames can actually help combat the climate crisis, it argues for the urgency of transitioning to a fully carbon neutral games industry, exploring the challenges and opportunities inherent in this undertaking. Beginning with an analysis of debates around the persuasive power of games, the book argues that real impact can only be achieved by focusing on the material conditions of game production – by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from making, selling, and playing games, as well as the hardware used to play them. Abraham makes a compelling argument that a sustainable games industry is possible, and outlines the actions that everyone can take to reduce the harms that digital games cause to people and planet.

"This is a book every game designer, publisher, and player needs to read. From calculating the footprint of shipping disks to itemizing every toxic metal inside a game console, Abraham paints a detailed portrait of the many ways in which creating and playing games is harmful to our global environment. You will never play a videogame the same way again."— Eric Zimmerman, Game designer & Arts Professor, NYU Game Center.

"Abraham provides a sweeping and revealing examination of the material realities underpinning both the production and consumption of digital games. Digital Games After Climate Change is important, engaging, and unlike anything else being written about digital games. This is urgently required reading for anyone with an interest in digital games and saving the planet."— Brendan Keogh, Chief Investigator, Digital Media Research Centre (QUT) & President, Digital Games Research Association of Australia.
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